Error #B0204

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Error #B0204

Postby lpiekarski » Wed, 08 Mar 2017, 15:55

I have made a connection to the asterisk and im currently trying to log in to the APP.

When i enter my country code and my number I receive the verification number via txt message.

After entering the verification code i get following error.


Thank you.
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Error #B0204

Postby RafaelfuM » Mon, 03 Apr 2017, 11:02

Did you read the file that was reported as not in standard format? It will be an error message and will tell you the problem.

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Error #B0204

Postby HerbeMannABg » Fri, 20 Oct 2017, 05:13

Thanks for sharing error code I also had the same problem and will be utilizing it.

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